Raketa 24 Hour Watch, Red Hand Wound Single Piece NOS Soviet Union Cccp

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Das 2623.H Uhrwerk von Raketa symbolisiert Präzision und Tradition. Hergestellt in Sankt Petersburg, ist es ein Meisterwerk mit 19 Juwelen und Ankerhemmung, das Red Army, Soviet Navy und Expeditionen in die Arktis begleitet hat. Entdecken Sie Tradition und Innovation in einem zeitlosen Uhrwerk.

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RAKETA 24 hour clock, red. Hand-wound unique piece NOS Soviet Union CCCP

  • RAKETA 24 h NOS
  • Made in CCCP
  • Hand-wound
  • 24 hour clock
  • Rare collector's item
The 2623.H movement from Raketa symbolizes precision and tradition. Crafted in Saint Petersburg, it is a 19-jewel lever escapement masterpiece that accompanied the Red Army, Soviet Navy and Arctic expeditions. Discover tradition and innovation in a timeless movement.


RAKETA 24 hour watch NOS

Great unique piece. Vintage. Dark red 18 mm textile strap.

"NOS" (New Old Stock) is like a valuable discovery from the past. Imagine opening a treasure chest and finding a brand new watch that was made many years ago but never worn. That's exactly what a NOS watch is.

Before shipping it to you, we subject this watch to a comprehensive service to ensure it is in perfect condition. This means that it is thoroughly cleaned to remove every hint of dust and aging. We carefully check every feature, including accurate timing and any additional features, to ensure it works properly.

We also take care of the movement itself. We clean it, oil it and adjust it to provide you with accurate timekeeping. Wear parts that may deteriorate over time will be replaced as necessary.

The result is a watch that looks like new and is just as reliable. It combines the charm of bygone times with modern precision. A NOS watch is a real rarity and often a sought-after collector's watch. Enjoy the unique feeling of wearing a watch from the past that is perfect for the present.

A 24 hour clock, also called a military watch or 24-hour format dial, works on the principle of displaying time in a 24-hour format, in contrast to the widely used 12-hour time display, which cycles twice a day (from midnight to midday and from midday to midnight).

The principle of a 24-hour clock is quite simple. The dial is usually labeled with the numbers 1 to 24 instead of 1 to 12, where 1 represents midnight (00:00) and 24 represents midnight of the next day. The clock hands take 24 hours to make a full revolution, unlike traditional 12-hour clocks where the clock hands return to midnight every 12 hours.

There are several reasons for the existence of 24-hour clocks:

1. Military and Professional Applications: In many military and professional environments, such as aircraft cockpits, railways or aerospace, a 24-hour time display is extremely useful. It avoids confusion when displaying time and makes communication and coordination easier.

2. Precise timekeeping: In some scientific and engineering applications, such as astronomy or meteorology, a 24-hour clock is necessary to keep precise timekeeping for experiments or observations.

3. Cultural Preference: Some cultures prefer the 24-hour time format and use it in their everyday life. A 24-hour clock makes it easier for these people to tell time according to their cultural habits.

Overall, the 24-hour clock serves to represent time more precisely and clearly, especially in specialized professional contexts and cultural preferences. It offers a practical alternative to the traditional 12-hour time display.

Clockwork information

Manufacturer Raketa
caliber 2623.H
number of stones 19
inhibition anchor
Balance versions Nickel ring balance
Shock protection(s) Poljot
Balance bearing / direction spiral clockwise
Movable spiral block carrier Yes
regulatory body Spiral wrench
Factory structure Anchor, escape wheel (escape wheel), second wheel, third wheel, minute wheel, barrel
Elevator type Clutch elevator
Furnishing SCD (direct central seconds)

RAKETA from Petrodvorets Watch Factory:

RAKETA wristwatches have been manufactured by the Petrodvorets Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg since 1961 and have remarkable historical significance. The factory, founded in 1721 by Peter the Great, is the oldest in Russia and represents centuries of craft tradition.

The name "RAKETA" was given in honor of Yuri Gagarin's groundbreaking space flight in 1961, which brought these watches worldwide fame. During the Cold War, the name "Rocket" had a dual meaning, symbolizing both space travel and the R-16 rockets. Raketa became the world's most produced watch brand and manufactured around five million hand-wound watches per year in the 1970s.

Today, Raketa is distinguished by its extensive in-house production, including the manufacture of clock movements, balance springs and escapements. The quality of Raketa timepieces competes with Swiss luxury brands.

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We have specialized in repairing Russian watches and clock movements for over 25 years. In our fully equipped watchmaker's workshop, everything related to your Russian watch can usually be serviced, repaired or fixed by one of our watchmakers. That's the advantage of our mechanical watches.

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We ? watches. We have been trading Russian watches from Poljot, Strela, Aviator, Buran, Vostok, Molnija, Slava, Raketa and many more since 1988. We run our own master watchmaker workshop in the center of Munich. Service and quality are particularly important to us when it comes to our mechanical watches.

Wasserdichtigkeit: 30 m (3 ATM)
Movement: Mechanical (Hand-winding)
Armbandmaterial: Nylon
Style: Casual
Gehäusematerial: Brass chrome-plated
Face Color: Red
Case Size: 40mm
Band/Strap: Two-Piece Strap
Number of Jewels: 19 Jewels
Features: Festsitzende Lünette Acrylglas Zentralsekunde Sekundenzeiger Große Ziffern Spritzwasserfest
Gehäuseboden: Geschlossen
Gehäusedicke: 12 mm
Watch case finish: Chrom
Lünettenart: Geriffelt
Lünettenfarbe: Silber

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