Russian watches

Russian watches are a vast array of many different watch designs and styles, made in dozens of factories that have sprung up over many decades. Mostly the Russian watch is mechanical. Our specialty at POLJOTUHREN.DE. Many brands and types and series stuck to the past, which continues to fascinate collectors all over the world. Russian clockworks were created based on the knowledge of many people and machines from the USA, Germany and Switzerland, among others. This know-how transfer established the horological substructure of the last 70-80 years of watch production in the former Soviet Union and Russia. Not many of the major manufacturers of the time survived. Today there is an exciting mix of CCCP / USSR subject-based watches which have been built unchanged for 50 years (e.g. Vostok 200m diving watches) brands such as Aviator, Sturmanskie, Strela and of course the old NOS treasures (e.g. Poljot, Raketa etc.) the it still exists. In the future we will also transfer the collector's archive to our range, which promises a lot of excitement.
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